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Instead of recreating the

trauma of your childhood,

Follow your instincts.


Instead of doing what you

“Think you’re supposed to do,”

Do what your heart tells you.


Pick your babies up when they cry.

Sing them to sleep.


Listen to them when they

tell you how they feel.

Believe them.

Believe in them.

Smile often.

Ignore everything you can.

Laugh at their jokes.

Listen to their stories.

Light up when they walk in the room.


Tell them how much you love them

just for being themselves,

as often and in as many ways as

you can dream up.


Remind yourself every day...

They are not reflections of you.

Say that over and over. To yourself. And outloud.

My children are not reflections of me.

They are themselves.

They are the only version of them that has

Ever been or will ever be.


You are lucky they are in your life.

Be generous.

Be fun.

Enjoy your children.

~ Elisabeth Harrod, Purpose Parenting

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