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More Testimonies


E.C., Pittsburgh PA

Our family worked for 18 months with 3 different therapists. Nothing we tried worked. ONE session with Elisabeth, we got to the bottom of our issues with our 21 year old daughter. She was able to move back in with us again and our relationship is strong and we are thriving. I don't even know what happened in that session. I just know everything was different for our family and we are forever grateful.


R.M., Ithaca, NY

Elisabeth is the dog whisperer of parenting!

D.K., Ithaca, NY

"Elisabeth is the next Mr. Rogers!"


D. R, Santa Barbara CA

I always felt like I needed to be more like my wife as a parent. I didn't have my own parenting 'voice.' After just a few coaching sessions, I felt my confidence as a dad growing. As my confidence grew, so did my connection to my six year old son. We could go to the park and have a great time together. I learned how to co-regulate when he lost it on the playground. My wife started noticing how well I was getting along with my son and she 'got off my back' and let me know handle more and more situations. I honestly don't know what kind of relationship I would have had with my son if I hadn't done this work. I'm so glad I have the connection with him I do now, and I know it's only going to grow stronger as he grows up."

L. G, Trumansburg NY

"I never thought I could be a connected mom. I struggled with not really knowing how to be a mom. Once I started working with Elisabeth, I felt an instantaneous shift in my relationship with both my sons. I started enjoying spending time with them. We started doing all kinds of things together. I started feeling completely different about myself and that opened me up to feeling completely different about my children. Working with Elisabeth was a total game changer in my parenting journey. I believe any parent would benefit from even ONE session with her. I have become the parent I always yearned to be. Before, that felt out of reach because everything else I had tried in the past failed. Now I know how to be a completely engaged, capable, fired-up parent and it's making all the difference in my life."

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