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Only Homeschool Curriculum Needed

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

I am often asked which homeschool curriculum parents should buy.

Here's my answer (no purchase needed):

  1. Help your children stay curious.

  2. Support them to learn how to learn.

  3. Model empathy. Encourage compassion.

  4. Let them play as much as they want.

  5. Make opportunities to build friendships.

  6. Remind them that making mistakes is an important part of learning and growing.

  7. Teach them how to apologize and make things right when they make mistakes.

  8. Listen to their ideas. Learn from your children.

  9. Support their passions.

  10. Help them become problem-solvers.

  11. Choose your battles carefully. Then choose fewer battles.

  12. Model finding wonder in the natural world. Every day.

  13. Walk where you're going (as much as possible), so you are moving at "kid-pace."

  14. Read them stories.

  15. Tell them stories.

  16. Listen to their stories.

  17. Garden with them.

  18. Cook with them.

  19. Let go of being right.

  20. Stop listening to anyone who makes you doubt what your heart is telling you.

  21. Let go of fear.

  22. Laugh with your children.

  23. Tell them you love them no matter what.

  24. Show them you love them no matter what.

  25. Even if you "know" the answer to their questions, let them find their own answers.

  26. Let them wake up slowly. Cuddle as much as you can.

  27. Let them bolt out of bed to find joy in the new day. There is no one right answer (for every child or for every day). Trust their own flow.

  28. Make sure they know, they are unique. They are the only one who will ever be them.

  29. Find ways to authentically enjoy what they enjoy.

  30. Tell them about your days to give them a window into the adult world they will enter all too soon.

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